Garage conversions are an increasingly popular home renovation across the country. They're an excellent way to increase the living space of a home without the hefty price tag that comes with building an extension. Garages can be turned into workshops, office spaces, dens, home theatres, extra living rooms and even bedrooms.

You may be planning to replace your garage door now, and working on a plan to convert your garage into a living space at some point in the future. Choosing the right door now can make the conversion project a lot easier. The right door will also allow to you leave the garage door in place while still having a comfortable and attractive living space.

Although many people choose to remove the garage door and replace it with a wall, this isn't always the wisest choice. Replacing the wall will make the conversion cost more, and it also means that if you, or a future owner, want to turn the space back into a functional garage the project will be more expensive and perhaps harder.

Here are three attributes to look for in a garage door so that your garage conversion can go as easily as possible.

1. Insulation

Insulation is an important feature for keeping living spaces at a comfortable temperature. Insulation helps to block out external heat and cold and keep cool and warm air inside. To ensure that your future room is a comfortable and energy efficient space, you'll need to make sure that your new garage door is well insulated.

Most manufacturers now sell insulated garage doors as well as regular, un-insulated garage doors. Generally, these doors will feature a foam core between the inner and outer surface of the door. This creates an effective thermal barrier that a single layered or hollow door simply don't provide.

2. Glazed Panels

Many garage doors are solid panels that don't provide any natural light. While this is fine for storing a car, if you want to retain the garage door after you convert your garage you'll need to have a source of natural light via the garage door in your new living space. Natural light will make the converted space brighter and warmer, and reduce the need for artificial lighting.

Many styles of garage doors include a series of glazed sections along the top segment of the door panel. These are ideal because they let in the light but maintain privacy for the converted space. Carriage house style garage doors are the main style that features glazed panels but you can also find more contemporary styles with this feature.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

Anyone buying a new garage door will want their doors to be attractive and that enhance the external facade of their home. When you're buying a garage door with a future conversion project in mind, you also need to consider how it will look as a dominant internal feature in a living space.

Essentially, the garage door will act as one of the four walls of your new living area after a conversion, so choosing a material that looks beautiful, harmonious and possibly doesn't really look like a garage door is important. For example, timber is a great choice for its external appearance, and it can serve as a beautiful timber feature wall.

Other options include an embossed steel door in softer shades, like sandstone, light tan or white. These doors will also look lovely.

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