Certified Garage Door Repair Specialists in St. Louis

Common Repair Services:
  • General Maintenance: Includes inspection and lubrication of all parts as needed, adjustment of the spring system and testing/adjustment of the garage door opener safety systems, remotes and keyless entry.
  • Broken spring replacement.
  • Garage door repair. Broken hinges, cables, rollers. Bent tracks.
  • Section replacement.
  • Bottom weather seal replacement.
  • Garage door opener repair. Replacement of Safety eyes, gears, circuit boards.
Garage doors installation — door repair in St. Louis, MO
  • If your door will only close if you hold the pushbutton on the wall down until the door gets to the floor, there is a problem with the safety eyes. They may just be blocked, misaligned or dirty. Make sure they are pointing at each other and that there are no leaves, cobwebs etc. blocking them. Wipe the lenses using a soft cloth to clean.
  • If your door will only open a few inches and then stops, you may have a broken spring. The springs are located on each side next to the track or over the top of the door on a shaft. This is the most dangerous part of the garage door and should only be replaced by an experienced technician.
  • Your garage door is the largest moving object in your home and requires regular maintenance. Having the door and opener serviced yearly helps to ensure safe operation and can help prevent unexpected problems.